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About Old Town Windows & Doors

The Old Town Story

Old Town Windows and Doors

We are adept at navigating the historical replacement process and were even tapped by the city of Alexandria’s Architectural Board to help write the guidelines for historic renovation of all windows and doors.

Our products are not only designed to save you money on your energy bills – they are also beautiful, stylish, string and durable. They allow you to balance form and function perfectly, and then personalize it to fit your needs and preferences.

We believe in attentive, intuitive, informed consultations for all of your needs and finding the perfect fit for you and your home. We have a large showroom filled with examples of door and window designs, which can all be customized to your specifications.

We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality products, all of which are also Energy Star-approved. Our green building, energy efficient and eco-friendly products and processes save you time and money, and save the planet to boot.

Our History

The founders of Old Town Windows and Doors, have been active in the window and door industry in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area for decades. Their staff is equally dedicated and experienced in the field, as well as in historic, green and commercial work.

At Old Town we think it’s easy to make a sale – what’s difficult is to ensure client satisfaction throughout the process. In our minds, the success of our company—and every single job we do – lies in the ability to handle the many stressful details of an installation while ensuring the client is happy from start to finish.

So, with the client’s best interest and a focus on efficiency and quality, not the bottom line, Old Town Windows and Doors was born. The pair then set out to find the best installers and design consultants available to complete Old Town team and make sure it could meet every client’s needs.

It is imperative that every member of the Old Town team believes in the customer and detail oriented mission, which ensures every job is completed to perfection. Today, with the perfect team in place, we have earned a reputation as the region’s go-to window and door company for our attention to detail and unmatched customer service.