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Navigating Historic Projects

Street at Beacon Hill neighborhood, Boston, USA.
Old Town Windows and Doors is the area’s leading expert on historic window and door replacement or replication.

Our team has spent years navigating the complexities of replacement in historic districts, such as Georgetown, Old Town Alexandria, Capitol Hill and more. We are experts when it comes to understanding guidelines for window and door work in historic areas.

Old Town is proficient at navigating the details of local codes and permits, cumbersome paperwork and the many restrictions that come with historic projects.

Historic projects can be challenging, from matching unusual grilles or ornate exterior trim to fitting windows into openings that may have shifted over the years. When selecting a historically appropriate window or door, it’s important to choose a product that will meet or exceed the local Board of Architectural Review (BAR) standards, DC regulations, HOA guidelines and the likes.

Choosing the wrong product can be costly and cause major delays in your project schedule – and leave you reaching for an aspirin! Luckily, with the help of Old Town’s experts your job will be headache free all the way through.

If you are working or planning to work on a historic replacement, renovation, or even a new construction project in a historic district, let our experts be your guide. We are here to make the entire process easy. Only Old Town takes the stress out of details like matching your existing historic design, complying with the plethora of rules concerning replacement, designing your project, preparing paperwork and obtaining your permits. Our no stress, just the best approach means you can just enjoy the view!

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